Team Timex

There are teams, and then there is Team Timex.

My brother Guillaume was a member of Team Timex for 3 years (now taking a step back to work on his start up and be with his fiance Katie and new dog Nala) so I wasn't coming into this camp oblivious to the "greatness" of the team. Nonetheless, I left camp stunned - this isn't a team, it is a family.

Over three days I met 50 incredible teammates. Let me give you a couple examples of the caliber of our athletes:

Ellen Hart: My roommate and one of the most humble and undercover hardcore woman. Last year she won EVERY single world championship discipline in her age group - that's the Sprint, Olympic, Half, Full, and Duathlon. How is that even possible?!?! Her response to my jaw drop and wide eyes -- "I was just so lucky everything fell into place". Amazing.

Luis Alvarez: This man has done over 100 Ironmans and summited every major peak besides one - Mt. Everest. He'd doing it in two weeks. I must admit when he first greeted me at the airport in his Chanel Suit bubbling with excitement I didn't know what to expect. As I spoke to him over meals, etc I was absolutely amazed by his story and passion for the outdoors. He has a pure enthusiasm and joie de vivre that resonates onto everyone around him making it impossible not to smile.

...and these are only two people. Every single person had his or her own stories that were equally impressive. I've got to say I laughed, I cried (in a good way), and I literally felt how Team Timex is a FAMILY. No if ands or buts. 

Over the three days we swam, ran, ate (Skratch Labs is literally the bombdiggity), and learned. We have some pretty incredible sponsors that came out to talk about their brand:

  1. Timex
    • I've always loved my Timex watches but learning about the company - its history, vision, strategy - was something of itself. Timex is completely revamping their line...their future products are going to amaze you. Trust me. I'm extremely excited to be a part of the process and really believe in the their product.
  2. Skratch Labs
    • So, there's this company called Skratch (hydration and nutrition) and Allen, the founder, is great. Allen's products take people's complaints about a product (i.e. "Product "x" always sticks to my mouth) and fixes it (sugar instead of silicone layer). Needless to say, he's got very satisfied customers. Aside from being absolutely hilarious he taught us a ton (happiness = healthiness) and cooked the most amazing food with his team (seriously get his cookbook - healthy and delicious). He also did a sweat test on us and I learned exactly how much salt I should be taking in while racing.
  3. Trek
    • One of the fastest bikes out there I loved learning about the history of Trek. This company is all about making sure they take care of their retailers, which is something many bike companies overlook. I didn't even realize that Trek is also Electra (the beach cruiser brand), B Cycle (Bike sharing program), and Bontrager (accessories) to name a few. I'm excited to try out my new Trek on the road!
  4. Blue Seventy
    • For 20 years I've worn the same goggles. So, you can imagine that I had a bit of anxiety over trying on a new pair. Let me tell you - I LOVED them. The Nero, my goggle of choice, surpassed my expectations and I highly recommend them. For the triathlete they are great as they come in clear, yellow, and mirrored for all triathlon visibility needs. Though I have yet to try their wetsuit, I'm excited as their quality, flexibility (in the shoulders), fit, and materials are impressive. I think there will be some fast swim times this year!
  5. Castelli
    • This is not just "another apparel brand". A company with a rich history in the cycling world I was impressed with its continuously groundbreaking cycling apparel line. Their clothing is EXTREMELY comfortable and innovative. Did you know that their two-piece tri suit has little "clips" on the shorts to keep your top from riding up in the aero position? Brilliant.
  6. Bolle
    • These sunglasses are unparalleled. Their lends are the most optically pure and have the industry leading Anti-Fog. They can do prescription lenses on essentially every single pair of sunglassess too (which is rare). Their helmets are super innovative as well. Extremely versatile - panels can be inserted or removed to make the helmet more aerodynamic or more breathable depending on the conditions. My favorite feature was their removable integrated light that you can turn on while you ride to make you more visible. Plus, they have a "crash" sticker that the paramedics can scan on scene and a prerecorded one-minute message from you is relayed to them. Truly genius.
  7. Shimano
    • With 105, Ultegra, and Dura-Ace, Shimano has a product for every budget. They know their stuff and they do it well. They are a great company and are on the forefront of biking technology. I'm excited to continue using my Di2 electronic shifting (which I could never do without!) and awesome components that stand the test of time.
  8. Squirt
    • Dirt chain no more! One of the least enjoyable parts of triathlon for me is cleaning my chain. When John and Martha claimed they had a lube that self cleaned I was a bit skeptical. But rest assured, the rumor is true. Yep, you heard me right. Because Squirt uses a Wax base rather than an oil base for its lube it repels rather than attracts the dirt. Crazy huh? Join me in grease free paradise :)

As you can see I learned a ton this weekend. Huge thanks to Tristan, Keith, Lauren, Maura, and Grace for setting up not only this camp but this team. Shout out to Flick, my Timex teammate and good friend, for guiding me through the ropes, welcoming me onto the team, and letting me tag along with her everywhere - I would have been so much more nervous without her!

So, when you are out there on the course racing or spectating and you see a person in a white kit with awesome colored strips and a Timex watch, cheer for them because you can be certain that they are a great individual from a truly fantastic team.

Till next time! La vie est belle!