The Dream Begins!

Yep, I Laurence Delisle, am a full time athlete. It still feels surreal to say. 

Meeting Matt for the first time at a Tower 26 workout! Photo by: Shiggy Ichinomiya

Already the journey has been amazing. Since competing for UCLA at Collegiate Nationals it has been a whirlwind of excitement. In July, after communicating with numerous coaches around the US, I chose Matt Dixon of purplepatch fitness to be my coach. It has been fabulous. 

The first couple months were interesting - I graduated from UCLA and then immediately went to Catalina Island. I spent the summer working for the Emerald Bay Boy Scout Camp as the Timothy Pennington Marine Center intern. My days were spent scuba diving, teaching, taking care of the aquarium, treating fish, biking and running. I met so many amazing people, including my boyfriend Zach, and learned so much. I will forever cherish the memories I have from Emerald Bay and I know that I will always have a home there.

What may have felt like a hinderance at first, my three month long stay at Emerald Bay was a blessing. I was able to fully recover from my broken tibia without the pressure of competition. Matt and I communicated by email (there was little to no reception) and I was able to stay on track. Plus, the ocean was my swimming pool - who can complain? 

Upon return I got in the full swing of training...well sorta. First I had to cheer for my older brother at the Ironman World Championships in Kona! This was my first time in Hawaii and I did not expect it to be that hot and humid - definitively learned what proper nutrition is (threw up while biking for the first time :( ). The atmosphere at Kona was infectious (I was getting nervous from the excitement!) and I enjoyed every minute of my time there. All over the roads there were signs saying "Caution: Ironman athletes training" and the entire town was Ironman central. Everyone was biking, running, or swimming - you felt guilty for merely walking places! It was so incredibly fun cheering for my brother and watching him kill it (even with a flat tire and dropped chain). Can't wait to go back :)

After my mini vacation things got serious. I began traveling up to San Francisco to train with Matt and purplepatch where I was christened the name "Beanie". No, I have no idea what it stands for but the pros I train with -  Meredith Kessler, Laura Siddall, Sarah Piampiano, Emma-Kate Lidbury - all have their nicknames too (Poppy, Poo, Eccles, Twiggy, Pokie, Treckie). For someone who never had a nickname growing up I love it (don't worry UCSD, LoLo will never go away :) ).

Though at first I started slow (going to SF twice a week) Matt eased me into the training and I am now traveling up to San Francisco 4 days a week doing pool, swim, bike, and strength work. From awesome pool sessions to intense trainer sets I really see myself developing into a true triathlete. Heck, I'm even learning how to run properly! Yep, Laurence is stoked. I now also teach my own cycling class on Tuesday nights at a power based cycling studio in SF called Shift - so much fun! (Let me know if you want more info SF people).

Anyways, I competed in two races this past month: Playa Del Rey in Los Angeles and the Marin Triathlon in the Bay Area. I must admit I was terrified that I would feel pain in my leg again but after finishing Playa Del Rey a huge wave of relief overcame me: I was pain free and ready to rock it! My mom, dad, sister, and UCLA teammates were all a huge support system and their cheering brought a huge smile to my face. Man oh man how I've missed racing! 2015 here I come :)