• Name: Laurence Delisle 
  • Age/Height: 26, 5’9″
  • Date of Birth: September, 28, 1991
  • Hometown: San Jose, CA
  • Coach: Matt Dixon
  • Club/Affiliation: Purple Patch (San Francisco) 
  • Education: BS in Biology from UCLA
  • Nicknames: Beanie, Lolo


My athletic journey began at the age of four in the chlorinated pools of the Bay Area. Though I refused to get in the water at first - my older brother claimed there were sharks in the pool - I began competitively swimming soon thereafter. 

By high school I was part of De Anza Cupertino Aquatic's National Team practicing twice a day. Under coach Pete Raykovich's watchful eye I was propelled into the world of elite athletics where I earned a Division I scholarship at UCLA (coached by Cyndi Gallagher), several NCAA All-American titles, and qualified/competed in both US and Canadian Olympic Trials. Though the early mornings and late nights were challenging, the hard work paid off. 

To say my swimming career was full of rainbows and butterflies would be an overstatement. Before entering college I had already undergone two surgeries: one for a dislocated bicepital tendon (12 years old) and another for a misdiagnosed broken scaphoid bone (16 years old). Unfortunately in my last year of eligibility in college (2013) I slipped and broke my shoulder forcing me to medically retire. As if that wasn't enough, three months later I was hit by a car while cycling resulting in surgery for a fractured ulna and radius. In early 2014 I broke my tibia. One thing is for sure: I am experienced at dealing with setbacks :) 

I am a firm believer that everything, and I mean everything, happens for a reason. When I was recovering from my scaphoid bone surgery I exclusively kicked in practice for three months. This was crucial for my future success in the 200 backstroke where I qualified and competed for Division I NCAAs and US Olympic Trials. Breaking my shoulder my senior year left me yearning for more competition rather than the usual retirement. This allowed me to focus my attention on my new passion: triathlon (undoubtedly because my older brother Guillaume DeZwirek - now a two time Kona qualifier/finisher - paved the way for me). And though it may be difficult to fathom, I know that my bike accident happened for a reason as well. I realized that it is so easy to take life and its successes and failures for granted. There is no longer a moment that goes by that I don't appreciate my life and the people in it - especially my family, friends, and coaches. Everyday I wake up and smile because life is so incredibly good.

It was with my 2nd place finish at Collegiate Nationals in 2014 (coached by Brady O'Bryan, UCLA Triathlon) where I realized that triathlons could be much more than just my passion. I explored many different avenues and coaches until I found the best fit for me: Matt Dixon (purplepatch). Already the transition from age-grouper to elite age-grouper (to eventual pro) has been extremely rewarding, exciting, and challenging. Both Matt and I agree that it's the journey that counts and I am so excited to see where it will take me. I can't wait to share the ups, downs, and everything in-between with you!